Shamanic Healing

My personal medicine is shared mainly through the vehicles of yoga, dance and music; I love using breath, movement & sound to awaken the serpent energy, or ‘kundalini-shakti’ that lives in the body. I offer healing through experiential and embodied modalities; to access ones highest potential in every moment. We are god/goddess/All that Is creating, in every moment.
More recently I have begun to facilitate embodied constellations, and bringing more of my shamanic training into the other modalities I share.

My belief and understanding is that we don’t heal anything before we heal it in ourselves first. I love that in shamanic traditions, they use the term “wounded healer”, as it is through the wounding, that the healer is formed. As someone who is stepping into her calling as a healer, my only role is to get out the way, and help the client to do the same, so the healing movement comes through from a higher soul place or through Spirit direct.

After living abroad for eight years until my early thirties, I moved back to South Africa in 2011 and started to follow my shamanic calling. It was after attending a wounded healers shamanic healing weekend workshop, that I was asked by the sangoma running the course if I was aware of my calling.
I answered that this calling is why I had come back to Africa not quite understanding anything yet. I knew my path was not a sangoma path, though elements of traditional african healing have influenced me strongly.
I found my teacher after a dream pointed me towards her, and I embarked on my calling actively as I began to apprentice with Lyn Spirit Eagle in 2012. My apprenticeship began with me going on vision quest with her first, and then ongoing and long-term training in shamanic soul retrieval and extraction, which has been underway as a self-led process since 2012.
In 2014 I had a naming ceremony with Lyn, where I stepped into my medicine name Rainbow Serpent Medicine Woman. Its a big name I haven’t shared publicly much, and it’s proving to take some time to grow into it. 🙂

After becoming a mother in 2015, I undertook training in Systemic and Family Constellations, which is an amazing and complementary healing modality alongside my shamanic training. Constellations therapy works on the ancestral field, and can help a person to address any issues in one’s life, by addressing it systemically. After graduating as a constellation facilitator last year, I am now excited to be offering constellation sessions and workshops. I have launched my own new site for Embodied Constellations

Please contact me for a Shamanic healing pre-consultation chat or to book an embodied constellation. I am not yet qualified for soul retrieval work on others yet, as my own soul hollowing-out process is continuing for now still.

Everything which I share these days is framed within or includes some kind of shamanic ritual, creating a ceremonial container or sacred context for all my individual and group sessions. Please send me a private message for more info or to book an individual session.