Other Yoga with Maya

This is my yoga page. I have trained in three different styles of yoga; hatha, kundalini and shakti yoga dance. Since then I have also trained in tantra and blissdance with Shakti Malan. I am now developing my own style out of the other styles I have taught and practiced for years, called Shakti Flow ~ free-movement yoga and conscious dance.

Here is a bit more information about each discipline which I also still teach:

Restorative Hatha Flow

Hatha Yoga is a unique combination of gently restorative or therapeutic movements and stretches known as ‘asanas’. My personal style of hatha yoga places an emphasis on finding the flow in the body with breath (pranayama). My style of restorative hatha has been influenced by my Kundalini Yoga and Shakti Dance training as well. Combining different rhythmic movements or asanas, the meditation of yoga-asana begins to inform itself as one finds an effortless liberation through the expression of an inner soul movement. Following the gentle hatha flow of yoga, I recommend this style for beginners, which with regular practice builds strength, and brings a powerful union between body, mind and soul.

I teach Hatha Flow at Virgin Active Sun Valley twice a week on a Monday eve (6-7pm) and Friday afternoon (5-6pm). Members only

I am also available for individual restorative hatha flow sessions which is useful if you would like to use a very gentle form of yoga to target an issue.

Trained with Paul Rogers (London, 2007/8) and many teachers since 2005.

Kundalini Yoga

Known as ‘the yoga of awareness’, it is useful to have a certain amount of strength & flexibility for kundalini yoga, uniquely evolved from Raj Yoga, and brought to the West in 1969 by Siri Singh Sahib or Yogi Bhajan.
I completed my kundalini yoga training with Guru Rattana (K.R.I.Y.A) in 2011 and teach a gentle, feminine and intuitive style of kundalini yoga,

Kundalini Yoga is called ‘a spiritual science for the soul’ and raises awareness by combining many techniques like kriyas (sets of asanas) and meditations for a specific purpose (a kriya is a yoga set) and meditations, mantras and mudras are used in every session. I trained with Guru Rattana Kaur in Turkey over 2010/11 and after my Shakti Dance training in Italy.

Kundalini Yoga is a discipline which provides powerful techniques for awakening and increasing the flow of kundalini-shakti inside the body.
My classes present this discipline in a way that is respectful and sensitive to the body’s needs whilst challenging your mind and awareness to move beyond its usual comfort zones – increasing your ability to contain kundalini

I teach a 75min Kundalini Yoga class every Friday morning at The Glencairn Studio (Eat.Surf.Yoga) from 08h00-09h00. R100 drop in welcome

Eat.Surf.Yoga is beautiful sea-side studio where I also hold my monthly kirtan, come for a friday morning tune up with kundalini yoga and join me for a coffee or juice next door after the class. Sat nam

Shakti Dance: the yoga of dance

Shakti Dance is ‘the yoga of dance’ and is a beautiful dance embellished with an intuitive, deepening medicine of yoga which allows freedom and fluidity. I am uniquely qualified to teach Shakti Dance in SA after training in Italy with founder Sara Avtar Kaur (2008), I began teaching workshops and retreats in UK & Europe until I moved back to South Africa in 2011.

Known as the Yoga of Dance, Shakti Dance evolved as a feminine flower on the tree of Kundalini Yoga, and has informed much of how I have taught all other styles of yoga. I love how Shakti Dance taught me how to embody!
I teach monthly workshops in the Cape peninsula, and have taught workshops and festivals countrywide since 2012.

Through my training in these three styles of yoga, alongwith other training in conscious dance and shamanic healing, I have created my own free movement yoga and conscious dance called Shakti Flow