Shakti Flow Yoga

What is Shakti-Flow free-movement yoga and conscious dance?

Shakti-flow is a modern day spiritual practice designed to support and enhance “creative flow” in all areas of life, following the principle of ‘least effort’ ~ much in the way water flows around all obstacles. Shakti flow is also about discovering your spiritual practice AS Embodiment.
Perfectly suited for living in these high speed head-centric times of disconnect, this practice (and embodiment course) provides the principles and foundations for embodying more of your creative potential and purpose for being alive and in a body.! Also, as we will discover, the more we embody our Totality, the more everything stored in our body (and the muscular will/egoic armoring) will come up to be felt and acknowledged. Shakti-flow is a powerful, purifying practice that retains a gentle, intuitive feminine approach. It can be used in conjunction with any other spiritual practice, or on its own. It is non-prescriptive and feminine-guided practice.
Evolved from Kundalini Yoga and Shakti Dance, encapsulating the essence of the practice in the name, to keep it simple, learning to be Shakti…in-flow.

Once we experience our Shakti-in-flow on a regular basis, we can really “feel” what it means to EM-BOCDY. Until then, it is just another mental construct. And so we begin to create a new imprint, based on the living experience of embodying our divinity; and much more of who we are (with human warts and all). Total acceptance of life-force arising in body-mind-soul. In truth, there is no real separation from embodied Beingness. Come home to the birthright of an embodied soul using Shakti-Flow free-movement yoga and conscious dance. Learn the art of letting go into flow.

Previous Workshops & Courses

Shakti Flow Intro Workshop – 13 April

    • Published 2019-04-01

As we enter early Autumn, we naturally slow down to draw inwards just as Nature does as she approaches winter. Come explore how you flow through your inner and outer worlds – heightening your sensitivity and raising your awareness through specific yogic techniques. Shakti Flow combines structure and freedom using yoga, dance and shamanic techniques.

An introductory workshop to the principles of Shakti and Shiva consciousness as embodied through this practice, combined through an effortless flow of breath, movement and awakened Shakti energy.
Men and Women welcome. No experience needed. Mats provided (else bring your own). Bring a bottle of drinking water. Wear loose layered clothes.

Pre-booking essential. Limited to 13 places per workshop
Shakti-flow Conscious Dance and Free Movement Yoga Workshop
April 13 2019, 09h30-12h00 @ The Body Intelligence Studio in NoordheokR300 (chat to Maya about exchanges or concessions)

Shakti Flow Conscious Dance 24 April

    • Published 2019-04-02

Part of the weekly Deep South Dancing at Shamballah Holistic Centre in Redhill (near Scarborough). Shakti-Flow is usually the last Wednesday of every month.

All welcome. No experience needed, just a willingness to move. Bring some water and wear loose-layered clothes.

R120 drop in (concession rate is R100 for students and pensioners)

No need to book in advance.


Shakti Flow Autumn Workshop – 11 May

    • Published 2019-04-04

As we transition through Autumn into, we naturally let go of what we no longer need, and some of is go into soul hibernation. It is so good to honour the cycles of life and nature through conscious movement. Come explore how you flow through your outer and inner worlds, also called Shakti and Shiva consciousness ~ embodied through this practice.
Becoming sensitive to your sensitivity and aware of your awareness we can bring the elements and worlds within into balance, thus creating the same through the outer reflection.

Shakti-flow Conscious Dance and Free Movement Yoga Workshop

Men and Women welcome. No experience needed. Mats provided (else bring your own). Bring a bottle of drinking water. Wear loose layered clothes.

Saturday 11 May 2019, 10h00-12h30 @ The Body Intelligence Studio in Noordhoek

R300 (chat to Maya about exchanges or concessions)

Places are limited. Pre-booking essential


Shakti-Flow Winter Workshop – 15 June

    • Published 2019-04-01

We flow into winter. A time of great rest-oration, when we have to keep our inner fires burning strong. Using a combination of tantric, yogic, shamanic and therapeutic techniques, we burn and flow…
Join this intermediary workshop as a run-up to the Shakti-Flow foundation training in July/August. It is useful (to have some sort of spiritual orientation before attending a Shakti-Flow session, as you
can use simple techniques from this embodied spiritual practice in all your creative endeavours, just through awakening and manifesting more of your unique divinity through an enlivened flow of Shakti!

*Shakti is your birth-right; and your life-force energy. Most people experience some form of Shakti awakening by the time they are 40. However this energy of awareness can be switched on any time.

All levels welcome

Places are limited. Book your spot in advance.

Other energy exchanges or concessions are welcome. Please chat with Maya

Sat 15 June, 10h00-12h30 at The Body Intelligence Studio, Noordhoek