Shakti-Flow – Winter Dreaming 15 June

Shakti Flow Conscious Dance & Free-Movement Yoga Introductory Workshop

  • 15 Jun
  • 10h00-12h30
  • R300

In our Winter dreaming Shakti-flow, we will learn how to burn and flow, like fire and water, awakening Shakti aliveness in the body, rooted in the moment.

We flow into winter.  A time of great rest-oration, inwardness and dreaming. A time when we have to keep our inner fires burning strong, as we reverse or hibernate our energy, using this time to dream of new life.
This will be a slow morning movement journey, as we sink deep into embodied practice, using a combination of tantric, yogic, shamanic and therapeutic techniques.

Join this introductory/intermediary workshop as a run-up to the Shakti-Flow embodiment training workshops over July/August.
Although not essential, it is useful if you have some sort of spiritual orientation in your life before attending a Shakti-Flow workshop or training as then you can use simple techniques from this embodied spiritual practice to enhance all other creative and spiritual endeavours. 

Awaken and manifest more of your Divine breath or Shakti-flow through an enlivened flow of Shakti through body, mind and soul. Embody Spirit!

*Shakti is your birth-right; and your life-force energy. Most people experience some form of Shakti awakening by the time they are 40. However this energy of awareness can be switched on any time.

Places are limited. Book your spot in advance.

Other energy exchanges or concessions are welcome. Chat with Maya

Bookings: 289 0125

Sat 15 June, 10h00-12h30 at The Body Intelligence Studio, Noordhoek