Animal Comms

After training in animal communication level 1 in 2014, I built up experience and a good reputation quickly. It felt like an ancestral calling. Over the past 7 years as an animal soul whisperer, or remote animal communicator, most of my animal comms work takes place remotely, and is completed long distance. Distance (and time) don’t effect telepathic comms.

Let me try describe the process in a nutshell: A person messages me about their animal issue (usually domestic pets). I can also track a lost animal.
After this person asks me to communicate with their animal, or find out answers to specific or current issues coming up, I immediately start to get feedback. My communication happens through the owners connection too.
I can communicate with an animals soul whether alive or dead. I can also communicate with all other sentient beings; two-leggeds, standing people, insect hive minds, etc
I may ask my client to fill out a basic questionnaire about their animal and assign them a case. I ask them to mail this back to me with a good size colour photograph of the animal (pref eyes looking at camera).

Once i start to tune into the (morphogenetic) soul field of the animal,
the work takes on its own pace and, much like constellation healing, works beyond our usual understanding of time and space. After the animal gives me permission for our clairvoyant connection, the remote comms work happens organically, sporadically and often differently each time. Often there is a request from the animal for additional energy healing (especially if sick or dying), and/or an in-person visit to complete the connection with our full senses; smell and touch. These, however, are not necessary.
After I close the remote communication portal with the animal, I type up a animal comms reading to report back to the owner; collating all my notes and feedback from my time in communication with their animal into a pdf.
If there is more than one animal per household, i ask to work with one animal at a time, or preferably just with the alpha animal in the house.

By their nature, animals are hierarchical and often instinctual in their relationship to their “pack” or their family. Our animals are always feeling and/or acting out hidden dynamics in the household. In this respect, they are also like our children – extensions of the nucleus. Extensions of us…

Interspecies communication is not only possible for all of us. I believe it is our natural heritage, and a birthright for every soul on this planet! As humans we have forgotten this most ancient of all connections, yet as a species, we are also at the pinnacle of the consciousness (r)evolution on our planet. There is a great awakening happening in this time, and the animals are waking up with us! Many of them carry cosmic lineages (like so many of us), and so we usher in a new era for all sentient beings on earth at this time; but most especially for our beloved four-leggeds, our furry animal family, our most loyal friends.

After Covid19 lockdown began in March 2020, it has been a tremendous time of purging and change. Our beloved empathic animal-people (I dont like calling them pets), are enormously challenged in this time as well, as they are also having to suffer and wake up with us, before its too late!
And so my animal comms work is picking up again, as my constellation healing practice is starting to get off the ground. It would seem in a time of great crisis, and (re)birthing, there is a call for all healers to step up!

Well…here I am. If you feel the resonance and have an animal that you love, and need some support with, please email me at
My animal comms rates are:
– R550 for one remote animal comms+reading
– R700 for remote animal comms with energy healing & reading.

All my readings of animals are reported back 3-7 days after the client sends back their questionnaire with advance payment. If the animal does not grant me permission for communication, there is no charge. Follow up questions and/or queries from the reading are free of charge. I also offer my animal comms for part talents or other energy exchanges of similar value. Just ask!
For the love of all sentient beings, I look forward to hear from you.

Animal Whisperer
Loving what I do best ~ communing with animals in Nature