Hi, welcome to my new site 🙂

I am Maya Joy and I offer Yoga, Dance & Music for personal transformative healing. I am also a Shamanic Counselor specialising in Family Systems Constellations.

I have been on the path of yogini, musical mystic and wounded healer for a long time already but only stepped more fully onto the healing path when I moved back to South Africa in 2011. I like to say my ancestors were calling me back here, or perhaps it was the african soil herself, but I definitely felt called back after living and travelling abroad for 8 years. Since I returned to Mama Africa, I’ve begun teaching full-time yoga and Shakti Dance® , as well as leading monthly kirtan and mantra yoga workshops.

Following my highest joy!

It was around this time I also began apprenticing with my teacher Lyn Spirit Eagle, trained in the eastern cherokee healing traditions. At the end of 2012, I also trained in a tantric form of conscious dance with Shakti Malan, and did my first vision-quest with Lyn. I only actively stepped into my medicine name at a naming ceremony with Lyn in 2014. Rainbow Serpent Medicine Woman

My apprenticing has also continued throughout early motherhood, and it was during my pregnancy that I also began my constellations training with African Constellations, which continued for three years after the birth my first child, age 38. It took me longer to complete my advanced facilitator training but I did it! Fast forward four years later, and here we are, on the threshhold of 2020 and a whole new age beginning in a new decade!

I am still teaching yoga, dance and music – now also developing and sharing my own style of free-movement yoga called Shakti Flow. I am also a graduated Constellation Facilitator and trained soul and animal communicator.
Deeply guided by my ongoing apprenticing/”hollowing out”; with my teacher and spiritual mother Lyn. She has apprentices from all over the world, training in Shamanic Soul Retrieval-Extraction and Shamanic Counseling.

As a result of my long-term and ongoing training as medicine woman, I incorporate elements of shamanic ritual and ceremony into everything I do, including my style of teaching yoga and dance these days.

I am really excited to be on the pinnacle or threshold of a new way of being in this world . Which is also why I took on the ancestral name Joy last year, dedicating my life to pulling joy back through the (my) ancestral lines.

Through being able to recognise and acknowledge the self in the other, and that we are all so similar, and in this together. Nothing is separate or apart. We are all related! What we do for ourselves, is what we do for each other.